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Mary is available for storytelling and readings and to lead discussion groups, workshops, and women’s, men’s, and community circles throughout the year. She also works one-on-one with adventurers ready to explore the below themes and beyond, from cultivating one's personal spirituality to tapping our inner wisdom, and much, much more. Something resonate? Drop her a line.

Gran's Guidelines for Going Home
Sooner or later, we all want to go home. We repeat this journey unconsciously over and over throughout our lives, one reflective level at a time. Knowing this, how can we approach the journey in an eyes-and-heart-wide-open manner? What does home mean on the personal level - and how do we get there? Variable format.

Transitions: Birthing a New You
Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t. Is that true? The nature of life is change: In every death a birth, in every birth a death. Growing our midwife and hospice skills helps us look for the butterfly’s splendid set of wings on the other side, while honoring the sacrifice and gift of the caterpillar. Variable format.

Revealing the Shadow:
The Deeper We Dig, The Brighter We Shine

Shadows: We’ve all got one, and the closer we get to the light, the more they stand out. Whatever we’ve rejected from our idealized self (and that changes over time), the shadow can hold things both terrifying and beautiful. Until we face that darkness and learn to love it, it will control our lives from within. This work may not be fun, but it’s worth its weight in gold. Variable format.

The Patchwork Heart:
Finding the Courage to Love (Yourself) Again

A twenty-one day transformational healing process, designed to break through the shells of numbness we built so long ago, those walls-once-protective-now-prisons, to bring us once more into full, healthy, flowing contact with our emotions. You can't heal what you can't feel, and you can't let go of something you don't even remember is there. (Details)

Never Forget Your Dreams!
You don't need permission. You've been given a mandate – and it doesn’t require perfection. Just show up, be present, and get it out there, and the flow of life will take you where you need to go. Not sure what those dreams are? Then don't forget your rock hammer and a good head lamp! Variable format.

Wisdom of the Grandmothers:
Unleashing the Storyteller Within

Writing/journaling. Allowing the voice of your wiser self. Minimum three meetings, weekly or monthly.

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