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Front Porch Mediation

Contrary to popular belief, conflict is not a bad thing. Often it is necessary, vital and life-bringing, as we go through birthing periods of growth and change, both personal and professional, as events flow around us, or sometimes simply because we open our eyes to see things we've been trying to ignore for a very long time.

Often we can process the ins and outs of these situations on our own. But when conflict has not been addressed in a helpful way, when it has become long-buried and stagnant, or when those involved can’t see eye-to-eye and attempts to communicate are going nowhere, we may need a little extra help. In these moments, the work of a skilled mediation professional can facilitate saved relationships, peace of mind, and restored good will.

With an emphasis on relationship-building and getting to the stories, thoughts, and feelings that underlie our words and actions, certified mediator Mary Batson brings a uniquely heart-centered approach to the mediation process.

Her intention: To apply time-honored wisdom to modern challenges; to create and hold a safe, neutral, and productive space; and to facilitate conversations in which all participants can share their perspectives and feelings in an agreed-upon, respectful manner, so that in the end, all feel as if they have been heard, and as if they have fully spoken.

When you communicate from the heart, new facets may emerge, relationships are strengthened, and communication is deepened. And sometimes, just sometimes,
miracles can happen.

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Mediation is a voluntary, confidential, and multi-faceted process in which an impartial mediator helps people involved in disagreements reach a mutually agreed-upon method for moving forward by addressing the situation and possible resolution and reconciliation.

(As defined in Missouri Supreme Court Rule 17.01. Alternative Dispute Resolution Program – Establishment – Purpose – Definition)

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