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she of the little wooden steps


No storyteller worth her salt comes without a story of her own, and author Mary “Crash” Batson has quite a humdinger.

Born into an isolationist Christian cult, Batson gave up that world to follow her heart, which prompted a globe-circling journey that led back right back to where home had been waiting all along. While learning to fly on the midwestern winds, this barnstormer-in-training spread her wings and now serves others as they do the same.

A nature lover by birth, after completing her Master's in intercultural communications in Fulda, Germany, Mary worked from 2002-2005 as an environmental activist and editor through the Hamburg-based Eco-Ethics International Union, then went on to found the EcoRes Forum, an online platform for global dialogues on the ethical, political, and sociocultural aspects of climate change. Its three-year discussion series drew a wide range of participants, from academics to activists, concerned citizens to national and international leaders.

Inspired by her brother’s early incarceration, in 2013-2014 Mary immersed herself in the world of restorative justice, becoming a mediator, serving on Neighborhood Accountability Boards for first-time, non-violent offenders, and volunteering with death penalty abolition, prison rehabilitation, and reentry initiatives like the highly successful Reaching Out From Within. During that time, her research interests included trauma-informed care and myriad forms of prisons, from those of the mind to those of the body.

Wherever her adventures lead, Mary continues to follow the thread of her writing. Her book Going Home, prompted by the loss of her brother, is a finding-myself journey of personal growth and spirituality with a homespun twist. Amid stories about grandmas and fresh biscuits, rocking chairs and talking trees, Mary weaves tales that remind us of comfort, home, hope, and wholeness. Based on her own journey, she also shares stories about finding ourselves, finding others, and finding Spirit, and offers workshops and talks on these themes.

Having faced the challenges she now spins yarns about, this wingwalker-wannabe is not afraid to take her readers there with her, with the hope that even one might be inspired to find her voice, take a leap of faith, and learn to love (herself!) again.

Additional publications include Going Home: The Tour, a collection of award-winning songs and stories from the Going Home stage show with Bob Sima, Gran’s Apple Butter Blog, recently birthed blogs God of Many Faces and Mary Batson, and articles in On Purpose Woman, Wake-up World, Chesapeake Taste, and Mother Earth News. Several projects are in the works, including a children's series which will complete Mary's vision – Front Porch Rambles and Backyard Swings. Next up: Gran’s Big Book of Short Stories.

All in all, Mary is proud to carry on Gran's tale-spinning, apple-peeling tradition, with a little skydiving thrown in for good measure. Come on by Gran’s front porch – they love company, and that's where Mary does her best work.


Select qualifications

MA, Intercultural Communications (Germany, 2002)
BA, Political Science (Honors, Magna cum Laude) (USA, 1999)
Certified Mediator & Volunteer, Ctr for Conflict Resolution, Kansas City, MO (2013- )
Reiki Master Practitioner (2008- )
Leader/Facilitator, Women's Circles (2010- )
Leader/Facilitator, Personal Growth Workshops (2011- )
Personal Coach/Mentor (2010- )
Trained Facilitator, Awakening the Dreamer Symposium (2011)
Facilitator, E-conference Series, EcoRes Forum (2006-2009)
Intern, Centre for Peace and Development Studies (Conflict Resolution), Limerick, Ireland (2001)
13+ years communications (publishing, nonprofit)

2011 Transformational Author Experience Award
2010 Marquis Who's Who, International/World
2007 Marquis Who's Who, Emerging Leaders
2007 Marquis Who's Who, International/World
2006 International Professional of the Year

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