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"May you be blessed, as you have been a blessing." - Anon

Going Home: The Tour LIVE
Recorded, mixed & mastered by Rob Thorworth,

Songs written & copyrighted by Bob Sima (except "Power Windows " (Billy Falcon) and "Company of Friends" (Danny Schmidt), used with permission.

CD layout and graphics: Geren Mortensen, Westminster, MD

Storytelling & background vocals: Mary Batson

Songwriting, lead vocals, acoustic guitar: Bob Sima

Photos, CD/Web
Bob Sima, Mary Batson, Going Home Tour ~ Terry Georgia, On My Mind Productions, Washington, DC

Bob Sima, Mary Batson, Going Home Tour ~ David Connelly, Spot On Photography, Frederick, MD

Gran's front porch ~ Paula Gaull, New Leaf Redesign, Marblehead, MA

Apple butter jars ~ Stefani Austin, Blue Yonder Ranch

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